CFE Media and Technology Launches New Products in Light of COVID-19 Outbreak

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In light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19, CFE Media and Technology has introduced two new products in order to keep our engineering audience up-to-date and allow our clients the opportunity to showcase their products.

The COVID-19 Weekly Update newsletter is sent to all four CFE Media and Technology magazine brands: Control Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Oil & Gas Engineering, and Plant Engineering. The newsletter provides engineers with up-to-date information about how this global pandemic is impacting the engineering community. The first three blasts have already garnered an impressive average 24.41% open rate and 8.64% click-thru rate across all four brands.

The Virtual Booth Visit is a way for manufacturers to showcase their products to targeted engineering audiences, despite the cancellations of many recent trade shows and other events. The Virtual Booth Visit is hosted online and is available for engineers to access on-demand. It includes a 15-minutes product overview presentation, a 5-minute demonstration video for the product, and options for the viewers to download spec sheets or contact the product manager directly. To view a sample Virtual Booth Visit, click here.

With the launch of these two new products, CFE Media and Technology hopes to continue educating our engineering audience and provide opportunities for manufacturers to reach their targeted industries.

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