Marketing to Engineers® eBook Series

It’s no surprise that engineers have their quirks and preferences, some of which make them difficult to market to. To help alleviate some of the complexity, we’ve put together a series of eBooks that can help you navigate the engineering waters.

Part 1: Website Marketing

The first installment of this eBook series takes you through the best ways to market to engineers with your website.

Part 2: Email Marketing

In part two of this eBook series, check out some helpful hints about how you can capture the attention of engineers with your emails.

Part 3: Demand-Gen Content Throughout the Buyer's Journey

In part three of this eBook series, we’ll explore the most effective methods for keeping engineers engaged throughout the buying cycle.

Part 4: Social Media Marketing

In part four of this eBook series, we’ll shed light on some of the ways engineers use social media and identify the best ways to connect.

Part 5: Trade Shows & Events

In part five of this eBook series, we'll explain that live events are still one of the best marketing resources for solidifying relationships with customers and prospects.

Part 6: Content Needs, Social Media Usage, and Supplier Relations

In part six of this eBook series, we'll explain the importance of understanding the needs and challenges of supplier-customer relations.

Part 7: In-Person and Online Continuing Education

In part seven of the eBook series, we'll elaborate on why continuing education is so vital in the field of engineering.

Part 8: The Buying & Specification Center

In part eight of the eBook series, we'll discuss supplier needs, process, flow and wants when going through the buy/spec process.