Marketing to Engineers®

CFE Media and Technology is the world’s foremost expert on how to market to engineers. We provide real solutions to four key engineer subscriber groups via multi-media platforms based on subscriber research and industry intelligence.

CFE Media and Technology is dedicated to the mission of education for both our subscribers and our marketing partners. One of the ways we implement educational opportunities with our partners is through in-person and online events. The Marketing to Engineers® seminar features industry experts presenting tips for successful integrated marketing campaigns, and the latest trends relevant to the engineering community.


The results of the latest Marketing to Engineers® research studies are revealed at the beginning of each live event.


Enjoy presentations from industry experts on topics such as content marketing, lead generation, social media, and more.


Participate in discussions with industry experts and the engineers themselves through a variety of panels.

Save the Date

Join us for the first part of our M2E Webcast and Interview Series, on Wednesday, January 27 featuring a presentation from Patrick Lynch, Vice President of CFE Media and Technology, as he discusses the results of the latest Marketing to Engineers® research studies.

More Information

Please contact McKenzie Burns, Marketing & Events Manager ( or Courtney Murphy, Marketing & Events Manager ( with questions.