CFE Media and Technology Announces New Magazine Design Across All Brands

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CFE Media and Technology, the esteemed publisher of Control Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Oil & Gas Engineering, and Plant Engineering magazines, has announced a redesign for all print publications that will go into effect in 2022. The redesign is the result of survey responses from engineers and discussions about what is best-suited for the target audience and advertisers. CFE Media publications reach over 170,000 engineers across all four brands in both print and digital formats.

CFE Media magazine subscribers can look forward to enhanced cover formatting, featuring increased typography and a larger focus on topics featured within the issue. The new redesign will also offer larger, more impactful graphics, more color design, and an overall increased readability.

Advertisers will be met with an easy-to-use ad portal that allows them to upload their ad and make modifications on their own, or with the help of CFE Media’s expert design team. The new, larger pages and high-quality paper will also allow ads to make a bigger impact with top-notch image quality. The increased readability will additionally help draw the reader’s eye to the advertisements.

“The whole idea of the redesign was based on the pandemic,” says Jim Langhenry, President and Co-Founder of CFE Media and Technology. “We did convert a lot of subscribers to our digital edition during the pandemic, because that’s what they asked for. And hence doing that we said we need to improve on our digital edition, and we should also improve on print.”

Since its founding in 2010, CFE Media and Technology continues to strive towards its mission of providing the best industry content for its readers, as well as provide advertising partners a space to reach an increased audience. The new magazine redesign is the latest of many initiatives taken in recent years to meet this goal.

“The pandemic gave us a really good opportunity to take a deep dive on what we’re doing well and what we can improve on,” says Langhenry. “I’m excited that the experience for the engineering community will get better in 2022.”

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