CFE Media and Technology Releases The Book on Marketing to Engineers®

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CFE Media and Technology, the world’s foremost expert on marketing to engineers, launched a brand-new comprehensive guide entitled The Book on Marketing to Engineers® in order to further their mission of educating marketers on how to target engineers. This 130-page resource covers topics such as content marketing, website design, marketing tactics, branding and more across research analysis, informative videos, and expert interviews.

The Book is a great testament to all the hard work CFE Media has done over the last decade to better understand how engineers think,” says McKenzie Burns, marketing manager at CFE Media and Technology. “I’m looking forward to hearing how the content benefits other marketers too.”

Marketing to Engineers® was first created in 2012 with the introduction of the live seminars in Chicago, IL. The brand has since introduced an eight-part eBook series, lunch & learn opportunities, the M2E Institute online learning courses, a video interview series and a webcast series. The Book on Marketing to Engineers® is the brand’s first multi-media resource.

“As someone who has presented the Marketing to Engineers research to hundreds of marketers at lunch and learns, I know firsthand that there’s both a big appetite for this information and still a lot of confusion about the best way to market to engineers. We hope this book clarifies some of the confusion and starts new conversations within marketing teams about how they can run their campaigns more efficiently and effectively,” says Patrick Lynch, Managing Director and Partner at CFE Media and Technology.

The Book on Marketing to Engineers® is available for request to download here.

About CFE Media & Technology

CFE Media provides engineers in manufacturing, commercial and industrial buildings and manufacturing control systems with the knowledge they need to improve their operational efficiency. CFE Media is the platform for content, community and applications that engage engineers worldwide to share, learn and increase productivity across all engineering designs, systems, and plants. CFE Media publishes Control EngineeringConsulting-Specifying EngineerOil & Gas Engineering, and Plant Engineering content on a regular basis to more than 434,000 qualified subscribers, as well as produces a wide range of weekly and monthly eNewsletters, videos, live events, webcasts, blogs, and virtual events on the brand websites.

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