Why We Are Still Talking About Email in 2020

It seems quaint to recall the days when a voice-delivered email notification generated so much excitement and anticipation that someone hung a whole movie on it. Today, notifications get routinely ignored, funneled into spam folders or, worse, prompt feelings of existential ennui or overload.

And yet, we just can’t quit email. Everybody uses it. Marketers and consumers. Boomers and Gen Z. Politicians. Teachers. Students. Job seekers. Employees. You get it, the list goes on.

We use email because we must. And because it works.

It is still possible to create email messages that surprise and delight, it’s just harder. But to have successful relationships with your email subscribers, you’ve got to deliver that feeling regularly.

To help you breathe new, surprising, and delightful life into your email strategy, I gathered these reminders from helpful articles and presentations from 2019.

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