New Survey Data: Findings for Effective Content Marketing to Engineers

Original Air Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 9 a.m. PT/11 a.m. CT/ 12 p.m. ET

As marketers targeting highly technical audiences, we know engineers are regularly searching for new information to help them do their jobs better, faster and cheaper. To effectively develop and promote content to reach and engage this skeptical, research-intensive audience, we need to know:

  • Where engineers go for quality information
  • What type and format of information they prefer
  • How they use search engines
  • The impact our content has on their buying preferences

We asked a series of questions on these topics in a recent survey, and heard from over 700 engineers who shared their opinions and insights.

Join this webcast to discover key findings that will help you better market to engineers, including:

  • Search engine behavior – how deep will they go
  • Preferred content formats
  • Primary information sources
  • Social media preferences
  • Aspects that make content high quality
  • Engineers’ preferences for doing business with companies who publish content
  • How age impacts each finding

While research exists about content marketing, there’s nothing specifically available about engineers and content. Therefore, TREW Marketing and CFE Media, LLC embarked on research that takes a deeper dive into this area to educate and inform marketers of how engineers find, use and engage with content and the most effective ways to target this highly technical audience.


Steve Rourke, CEO/COO/Co-Founder, CFE Media

  • Steve Rourke is a co-founder of CFE Media LLC, a B2B publisher specializing in delivering high value, engaging content to engineers using their preferred communication channels. Steve leads operations and new product development with a focus on developing technology that best services the evolving target audience’s and customer’s content needs. Prior to starting CFE Media, Steve was GM and Group VP of RBI’s DM2-DecisionMaker (DM2) and Hospitality Publishing brands. Steve has a background in software development, holds an MBA from Boston College and a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Iowa.

Rebecca Geier, CEO/Co-Founder, TREW Marketing

  • Rebecca Geier is CEO and Co-Founder of TREW Marketing based in Austin, Texas. She has over 20 years of global marketing experience primarily in the B2B science, engineering and technology fields. Rebecca leads the TREW team in building strategic, thoughtful, and sustainable marketing plans for companies and their products, services and campaigns. Prior to co-founding TREW Marketing, Rebecca was the Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at Austin-based National Instruments, where she worked for 14 years. With nearly two decades working in scientific and engineering industries, Rebecca is known for her technical understanding of complex topics and passionate appreciation for the impact of scientists, engineers, and technologists on society.Rebecca graduated magna cum laude from Boston College and studied at Université de Grenoble in France. She has written and co-authored many blog posts, articles, and e-books, including TREW’s popular Smart Marketing for Engineers series Building the Foundation, Product Launches and Create Marketing Engineers Love.