Virtual Training Week

Virtual Training Week for Engineers is a five-day educational event, packed with presentations from industry experts, live Q&A sessions, and opportunities for attendees to earn continuing education credits. The event is hosted on the CFE Media and Technology learning management system, CFE Edu®.

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"This video was excellent. The instructor was excellent, and the animated visual aids even more so. Rotating magnetic fields for one thing, and especially the construction of the motor. It's hard to make really good instructive graphics that don't have sort of a cheesy early-2000s look to them...."
(Virtual Training Week October '20 Attendee)

Success Story

View the real-life case study about how CFE Media and Technology delivered high-performing ROI for a client targeting a specific segment of the CFE engineering audience.

More Information

To find out more about Virtual Training Week, please contact Patrick Lynch, Vice President of CFE Media and Technology, Email: