Providing Sophisticated, Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Based Solutions to our Marketing Customers


ContentStream® is a cloud-based, content marketing platform that delivers professionally developed, engineer-centric content to customers for use on their website. Enhance your content portfolio with third-party content from ContentStream® and position your company as a thought leader and an educational resource in the engineering community.

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Designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and optimization of marketing automation, CRM, and sales pipeline activity, ContactStream® is a SaaS cloud-based contact delivery platform that provides highly-qualified engineering contacts who buy or specify products at all stages of the sales cycle. ContactStream® is comprised of over 13,500 contacts.

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Global System Integrator Database

This platform educates end-users about existing technologies, and connects them with the most suitable service providers for each unique application. Through this database, end-users can view the full corporate profile of any system integrator, which demonstrates their unique automation capabilities.

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New Products for Engineers Database

The New Products for Engineers Database is a free platform that provides an opportunity for engineering and technical professionals to access the latest new product information for the manufacturing, commercial construction and manufacturing control industries. 

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Technology Solutions.

As a primary content developer, our targeted content channels distribute the latest content about manufacturing and construction news, products, educational opportunities and industry trends directly to our engineering audiences. As a software and technology developer, we provide sophisticated, SaaS-based solutions to our marketing customers to help them with their content marketing, database management, and mobile app development needs.

We Know your Pain Points When Marketing to Engineers.

Marketers in charge of targeting technical audiences are grappling with the shift toward online and content marketing and how to implement an approach that effectively engages an engineering audience. They need to understand the types of content engineers require to better perform in their jobs, and where, why and how they look for and use this content in the evaluation and purchase process (or, “throughout the buying cycle”). While research exists in the consumer and broad B2B markets about content marketing and published surveys touch on the technical professional’s use of content, we identified a gap and embarked upon taking a deeper dive into this area to educate and inform marketers of the most effective ways to target this highly technical audience. Learn more about our Marketing to Engineers® products and services. 

What Makes us Great.

CFE Media and Technology is the world's most foremost expert on how to market to engineers. CFE Media and Technology educates its marketing partners about the engineering community's content consumption needs better than any B2B media group in the market. CFE Media and Technology provides real solutions to four key engineer subscriber groups via multi-media platforms based on subscriber research and industry intelligence.

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We Have a Passion for Success.

As a skilled and knowledgeable team of CEO’s, Publishers, Content Managers, Designers, Marketers, Production Coordinators, Strategists, Consultants, Technology Guru’s, and EXPERTS in how to market to engineers. CFE Media and Technology are dedicated to the engineering community. The combination of technological know-how, business insights, marketing and communications strategy, and execution creates a complete approach to solutions for our clients.