CFE Media Research

Turning research into insight makes for better business decisions
CFE Media leverages its relationship with qualified engineering professionals and works with content experts to compile state-of-the-art research on trending topics. CFE Media invests in research processes and proprietary methodologies to cut through information over-load, decipher multiple viewpoints and develop insights that allow you to perceive your business landscape more clearly. You get the information you need, in the context necessary to make both large-scale and everyday decisions with confidence. Because, after all, utilizing sound research to help make good decisions is a fundamental aspect in running an effective business.

Unparalleled Reach and Resources
At CFE our unique relationship with and knowledge of the engineer allow us to commit focused resources towards deeper coverage and proven methodologies.

CFE Media Research Organization and Architecture
Our research organization consists of a flexible, virtual structure, allowing us to advise clients and subscribers based on their own environment, as well as conditions around the world. CFE Media’s research architecture consists of methods to frame and simplify information and trends in order to make connections, understand patterns and discover trends no other media firm can offer for the plant engineering universe.

Turning research into insight makes for better business decisions
Our research methodologies are based on our years of experience observing trends and scientifically mapping engineering needs against solutions. Our proprietary methodology’s success lies in sifting data into clear, precise, actionable insight so our subscribers and clients can formulate business plans or make difficult decisions. The observations and recommendations delivered through our proven methodologies ensure that you make decisions about the business of the plant engineer with higher levels of confidence.