Marketing to Engineers Research®: Trade Shows & Industry Events

This survey—the seventh in the Marketing to Engineers® series—was designed to target the average engineer in order learn about how they find, use, and engage with content that helps them better do their job. Specific topics for this installment include trade show and industry event attendance, behavior, and expectations.

Notable Insights

  • Respondents attend four trade shows or industry events in an average year. Of the shows/events attended, 53% are trade shows, 32% are vendor events, and 15% are consultancy events.
  • The majority of engineers attend local trade shows (those within driving distance, 86%) and more than half are willing to book a flight to attend a regional show. Locations within Europe, Canada, and China were most popular among the 12% of engineers who travel internationally for trade shows.
  • When attending a trade show, three out of 10 engineers are usually in the research phase of the buying cycle. On average, 33% of an engineer’s trade show schedule is planned out ahead of time.

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