Marketing to Engineers Research®: Content Needs, Social Media Usage, & Supplier Relations

This survey—the eighth in the Marketing to Engineers® series—was designed to target the average engineer in order learn about how they find, use, and engage with content that helps them better do their job. Specific topics for this installment include value of content sources, usage of social media, value of content types, and effective advertisements.

Notable Insights

  • Some of the reasons why engineers don’t use social media to research work-related information are that they don’t believe the content is sourced by credible authors, it is not technical enough, and it is too opinion-based. Other reasons include resistance to social media in general (not even for personal use) and firewalls that prevent access.
  • Ninety-two percent of respondents value content authored by other engineers, and 84% also appreciate peer-reviewed content.
  • Sixty-five percent of respondents who are willing to share their stage of purchase information with suppliers think it is important that these suppliers tailor their messages based on this information.

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