Marketing to Engineers Research®: Content Consumption, Advertisements, Mobile Devices/applications, & Data Privacy

This survey—the fifth in the Marketing to Engineers® series—was designed to target the average engineer in order learn about how they find, use, and engage with content that helps them better do their job. Specific topics for this installment include content consumption now compared to 5 years ago, successful advertisement details, using mobile devices for work-related purposes, and concerns with data privacy.

Notable Insights 

  • Seven in 10 respondents cited search engines, supplier/vendor websites, and trade publications among the most valuable content sources when seeking information on the latest engineering technologies, industry trends, and products/services.
  • More than half of respondents share product information—such as data sheets and specifications—with their colleagues/peers fairly or very often. Other types of commonly shared content include white papers and best practices, content from webcasts/webinars, and trade publication articles.
  • During the average workday, 43% of respondents receive 40 or more emails. The average respondent receives 44 emails in one day.
  • Seventy-eight percent of respondents prefer to receive information or to be contacted by a manufacturer or service provider via email. Other preferred methods include webcasts/webinars (45%) and lunch-and-learn’s meetings (40%).
  • More than half of respondents who use a mobile device for work-related purposes review product information—such as datasheets and specifications—on their mobile device. Other types of content viewed on mobile devices include how-to videos and white papers/best practices.
  • Popular reasons that respondents unsubscribe from e-newsletters include irrelevant/uninteresting topics (61%), they receive too many overall (53%), they receive too many from one source (52%), and the content-to-advertisement ratio isn’t ideal (49%).

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