Oil & Gas Engineering

After two turbulent years in the oil and gas industry, engineers at all levels of the industry must take stock of the world as it now exists.

The market has settled at a middle price range between $40 bbl and $60 bbl. For readers of Oil & Gas Engineering, the goal is to deliver profitability and production excellence within that range, while preparing for growth that could still come. Our goal for 2017 is to assist our readers in that process.

Oil & Gas Engineering targets engineers responsible for business-critical functions, technology and processes from the wellhead to the refinery. These professionals design, specify, implement, upgrade and maintain equipment in the areas of automation, process management, cybersecurity, asset management and worker safety.

Oil & Gas Engineering will focus our coverage for 2017 around several key ideas:

  • Increasing production and effi ciency through the use of automation and technology.
  • Optimizing processes with information and data management.
  • Asset management strategies and operational excellence.

And throughout the year, we’ll continue to address:

  • How the new age of information management will impact operations and regulatory compliance.
  • How to better integrate and upgrade your facilities and equipment.
  • How advancements in facility design and asset management can improve operations.
  • How to keep your workers safe every day.

Those are the stories we will tell in 2017 and beyond. Our articles will focus on application stories and case studies from the field, innovations and discussions around new technology and regulatory compliance.

We at Oil & Gas Engineering welcome the chance to work with industry experts on content ideas, research and showcasing new technology. For more information on how we can work together, contact Bob Vavra at bvavra@cfemedia.com.


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