Print Magazines Dead? Bite Your Tongue (6 Reasons to Rethink Print)

Are you getting tired of the whole ‘Print Is Dead’ movement? I sure am…and have been for quite some time. Heck, Google alone will give you 484,000 results for the phrase.

No content distribution type ever really dies though. It only changes. Vinyl albums are seeing a resurgence. And almost 700 million printed books were sold last year. That’s 100 million more than in 2012 (according to Statista). Radio? Even with Sirius XM, Spotify and Apple, radio continues to survive.

But are print magazines dead? Not by a long shot. Different? Absolutely.

Computer hardware manufacturer Raspberry Pi recently purchased two computer magazines from Dennis Publishing. That makes five magazines and over 20 print books now published by Raspberry Pi’s Press division. And this is just the start.

Is Raspberry Pi generating more advertising revenues and subscriptions through the magazines? Not really. But are they selling more products and services? Absolutely. Are customers more loyal because of the magazines? No doubt.

That’s the change that no one seems to be noticing. Consumers are still engaging in print magazines, but the business model has completely changed, even though most people don’t realize it. Vibrant print magazines are being created and distributed, but you just aren’t seeing them on newsstands.

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