M2E eBook Series Part Five: Marketing to Engineers® with Trade Shows and Events

Trade shows have been around for decades, and because of that, some marketers consider them passé and not an especially effective marketing tool. But smart B2B marketers know that live events are still one of their best marketing resources for making face-to-face connections and solidifying relationships with customers and prospects.

Six Reasons to Believe:

#1 Digital marketing is important, but it can’t do everything.
#2 Tech has become part of the DNA of trade shows.
#3 Trade shows tick all the boxes on marketers’ goals.
#4 Measuring value is easier than in the past.
#5 Trade shows provide a “big picture” of an industry.
#6 Trade shows build team cohesion.

Insights & Information:

  • Doing Their Homework and Planning Ahead – Trade show attendance often corresponds with early stages of the buying cycle – but not always! Almost a third of engineers (30%) attend trade shows during the research phase of their buying cycle, and a similar number (33%) of engineers plan their trade show schedule ahead of time.
  • Winning the Popularity Contest – Engineers want to talk with other engineers. When attending a trade show or event, engineers are most interested in speaking with application engineers and design engineers.
  • Working Results – Trade shows yield business relationships. Almost all engineers (90%) have done business with a supplier they met at a trade show, typically within three to six months.

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