Feed the “Content Beast”—ContentStream® Version 3.2 is Now Live

CFE Media and Technology has announced the release of the newest version (v3.2) of their industry-leading SaaS platform, ContentStream®. ContentStream® is a cloud-based, content marketing platform that delivers professionally developed, engineer-centric content to customers for use on their website. The goal? To help companies position themselves as thought leaders and provide educational resources for the engineering community.

In the latest version of ContentStream®, CFE Media and Technology has made it even easier for customers to retrieve content for their website. The new features include:

  1. The ability to receive/download content assets as PDF files.
  2. The option to use a registered, ContentStream® WordPress plugin, which eliminates 95% of the IT integration time for customers who use the WordPress content management system.
  3. The ability to purchase articles individually and on-demand using the SSL-encrypted e-commerce functionality.
  4. Direct connection to ContentStream® via REST API web service, which is the most modern and sophisticated way to connect third-party applications like ContentStream®.

With the newest version of ContentStream®, CFE Media and Technology aim to enhance the user experience by creating an efficient service that continues to provide the best third-party content for customers’ needs. ContentStream® Version 3.2 is available for use now.

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About CFE Technology:

As a software and technology developer, the CFE Technology group provides sophisticated, SaaS-based solutions to marketing customers to help them with their content marketing, database management, and mobile app development needs. In 2013 CFE Media’s technology group successfully launched its first content marketing oriented technology platform “ContentStream®.” ContentStream® is a patent pending SaaS system that provides all the tools required for marketers to identify, select, download, license, utilize, optimize and track their favorite B2B publisher’s content.