CFE Technology Announces New Version of SaaS Platforms: ContactStream® and ContentStream®

CFE Technology has announced the release of the newest version (v2.0) of their industry-leading SaaS platforms: ContactStream® and ContentStream®. With this latest release from the CFE Technology development group, all users will notice several enhancements to the process workflow, user interfaces, and searchability of these two systems.

For ContactStream® and ContentStream® users, the list of enhancements is broken into following categories:

  • Design, Account Management, & Reporting
    • New email notification with login credentials
    • Reformatted knowledge base with instructional how-to-videos
    • Detailed instructions for how to retrieve content selections via web service, FTP, or Microsoft Excel download
    • Automated reporting now available for users to analyze page-view performance and additional metrics.
  • Searching & Filtering
    • Advanced searching options for content previews now include options to filter by CFE Media publication, total word count, & Google Analytics page-view performance.
  • Content Delivery
    • Microsoft Excel download method for content retrieval provides users with the quickest way to deliver content selections on-demand.
  • Lead Nurturing & Contact Development
    • By connecting access ContactStream®, all users of the system now have the option to easily access and download highly qualified engineering contacts based on product categories, buying timeframes, & vertical industries.

When asked about the latest round of developments, Patrick, Director of CFE Technology said “We spoke directly with our customers about how they were using our ContactStream® and ContentStream® systems. Overall, the feedback was positive, but our customers had a wish list of enhancements to help streamline the process for selecting content & exporting contacts. In turn, our development team responded with an efficient sprint development cycle to implement these changes, and the end result is an improved process for all ContactStream® and ContentStream® users.”

About CFE Technology:
As a software and technology developer, the CFE Technology group provides sophisticated, SaaS-based solutions to marketing customers to help them with their content marketing, database management, and mobile app development needs. In 2013 CFE Media’s technology group successfully launched its first content marketing oriented technology platform “ContentStream®.” ContentStream® is a patent pending SaaS system that provides all the tools required for marketers to identify, select, download, license, utilize, optimize and track their favorite B2B publisher’s content.