CFE Media LLC Announces US Patent for Content Syndication Service Technology

Oak Brook, IL —January 19, 2016

CFE Media LLC announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for CFE Media’s technology (U.S. Patent No. 9,208,158 – System and method for providing content syndication service).

The patent addresses a method for providing content syndication to subscribers receiving one or more content items from a number of information sources. CFE Media’s ContentStream® SaaS platform utilizes the technology, allowing subscribers to quickly and conveniently identify high-quality, relevant content, and stream the content to the subscriber’s preferred web location or content management system.

“We based our content licensing platform design on the marketing information needs of our customers,” said Steve Rourke, CFE Media LLC CEO. “Their evolving content marketing requirements led our team to design and develop a highly efficient technology that utilizes the method outlined in this patent. This technology is core to our ContentStream® platform and will be included in several new SaaS based platforms scheduled for release later this year. ”

About CFE Media LLC: CFE Media develops, delivers and supports technology platforms for marketing professionals and for B2B publishers. CFE Media began in the publishing industry with leading brands servicing engineers in manufacturing, commercial and industrial buildings, automation and control systems, and oil and gas markets. In 2013 CFE Media’s technology group successfully launched its first content marketing oriented technology platform “ContentStream®”. ContentStream® is SaaS system that provides all the tools required for marketers to identify, select, download, license, utilize, optimize and track their favorite B2B publisher’s content.

Patrick Lynch, (847) 452-1191
Director of Content Marketing Solutions

Source: CFE Media LLC