CFE Media LLC Accelerates Growth with Opening of New Office

CFE Media LLC and CFE Technology (CFE) LLC are announcing the opening of their new office in Downers Grove, IL to accommodate the growth in their technology, services and publishing groups. CFE Media LLC was recently headquartered in Oak Brook, IL. The new CFE headquarters features an open-concept design to accommodate for the type of collaborative work that is required to deliver on projects for their media and technology customers.

CFE Media provides the platform for content, community and applications that engages engineers worldwide to share, learn and increase productivity across all engineering designs, systems, and plants. As a engineering educator, CFE Media’s targeted content channels distribute the latest information concerning manufacturing and construction news, products, educational opportunities and industry trends directly to engineering audiences. As a software and technology developer, the CFE Media technology group provides sophisticated, SaaS-based solutions to marketing customers to help them with their content marketing, database management, and mobile app development needs.

About CFE Media LLC:
CFE Media develops, delivers and supports technology platforms for marketing professionals and for B2B publishers. CFE Media began in the publishing industry with top brands servicing engineers in manufacturing, commercial and industrial buildings, automation and control systems, and oil and gas markets. In 2013 CFE Media’s technology group successfully launched its first content marketing oriented technology platform “ContentStream®”. ContentStream® is a patent pending SaaS system that provides all the tools required for marketers to identify, select, download, license, utilize, optimize and track their favorite B2B publisher’s content.