CFE Media CEO, Steve Rourke Contributes to Publishing Executive Article

CFE Media CEO, Steve Rourke contributes to Publishing Executive article ‘7 Tips for Maximizing the Value of Audience Data Integration.’

The publisher’s dream of a dynamic unified audience database is not new. However, making that dream come true is an undertaking that has been met with varying degrees of success by publishers. The ability to track, understand, and monetize audience activity with more tailored product and revenue opportunities across brands and platforms requires a new way of working and significant cultural, organizational, and process shifts for most multi-product media companies.

This report aims to help you get over these hurdles and realize the full potential of a dynamic audience database by revealing the answers to key questions publishers typically face. Based on insight from publishers like Active Interest Media, Bobit Business Media, and CFE Media that have worked to integrate and capitalize on audience data, we aim to answer these questions:

  • What do you want from an integrated database?
  • Who should be involved at the onset and ongoing?
  • What obstacles might publishers face with this new program?
  • Should you outsource any or all activities?
  • How does behavioral data add value?
  • What are the IT and staff cost considerations?

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