CFE Media and Technology LLC is pleased to announce the launch of the new CFE Services division. The new division was developed with a very specific goal in mind: to make the marketers’ job easier. The CFE Services division will partner closely with marketers to define‚ design, and execute custom marketing programs and technology solutions that deliver measurable results.

CFE Services’ offerings and solutions include the ability to quickly develop and easily execute everything from custom content development to highly complex multi-channel marketing programs. The division’s ability to provide scalable, highly targeted marketing support to customers brings additional, measurable value to marketers who need additional assistance in the short term.

“We are experts in our field, and understand that today’s B2B marketers are challenged on a daily basis with having to execute an increasing number of content marketing and marketing automation programs with less time and fewer resources,” said Laura Prochaska, Marketing Services Manager, lead of the new CFE Services division.

“We have the target audiences, industry knowledge, marketing expertise, and the necessary tools and resources to support our customers with these challenges,” Prochaska went on to say.

Prochaska, the newest addition to the team, brings over 15 years of experience to CFE Media and Technology, specifically in the area of developing custom marketing programs and strategies that generate revenue and maximize return on marketing investment.

An expert in the areas of demand generation, lead management and marketing automation, Prochaska is passionate about helping customers understand how embracing these strategies can revolutionize the way their business generates revenue.

Improve and supplement your content marketing, lead nurturing, marketing strategy, and ROI with CFE Services. For more information visit or contact Laura Prochaska to set up a call with the services division.

About CFE Media and Technology LLC

CFE Media and Technology develops, delivers, and supports technology platforms for marketing professionals and for B2B publishers. CFE Media and Technology is the platform for content, community, and applications that engage engineers worldwide to share, learn, and increase productivity across all engineering designs, systems, and plants. CFE Media and Technology publishes Control Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Oil & Gas Engineering, and Plant Engineering content on a regular basis to more than 434,000 qualified subscribers, as well as produces a wide range of weekly and monthly enewsletters, videos, live events, webcasts, blogs, and virtual events on the brand websites. As a software and technology developer, the CFE Technology group provides sophisticated, SaaS-based solutions to marketing customers to help them with their content marketing, database management, and mobile app development needs.