Hype regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) is inescapable. It has been described as part of the fourth industrial revolution, altering the way we work, relate and live. This digital transformation is a major focus for B2B marketers as they wonder how it will unfold in industrial and manufacturing environments. Why? Because IoT transforms not only how components and systems are managed and connected but who decides which solutions to implement. This shift will have a huge impact on B2B marketers, particularly those in the automation and controls space.

With the Internet of Things, you can’t just market to engineers anymore.

Right now, successfully reaching engineers is essential to B2B companies striving to have their products integrated into a system or specified as an OEM solution. As the Internet of Things takes greater control of manufacturing environments, the traditional engineer decision-maker is being joined by representatives from IT teams. These Industry 4.0 solutions engineered for a connected industrial environment won’t be adopted without IT buy-in and support. The influence and purchasing power of a process or design engineer or systems integrator will be shared with an IT Director, CIO or CTO. This changing buying dynamic means B2B marketers can’t just market to engineers anymore. The design engineer still matters, but as soon as a machine, component or system shares data, IT roles in charge of security, software and hardware have a stake in the game. And IT decision-makers will expect something different from your company.

Industry 4.0 is a game changer for B2B marketers—are you ready?

Godfrey conducted an independent research study with AMG research to confirm the trends we were seeing and learn how to change our marcom programs to target these new, increasingly important IT decision-makers. 

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