The Marketing to Engineers® Institute program provides users with content to effectively market to engineers through innovative presentations, interactive quizzes, and industry-leading research. Upon completion of the course, we want our marketing partners to feel empowered with the knowledge they are now experts when it comes to marketing to engineers. Easy enrollment provides immediate access on your journey to marketing to engineers!

Content Marketing

Course lessons include search marketing best practices, content marketing strategy, becoming an ultimate destination site and more.

Lead Generation

Course lessons include the magic of marketing automation, increasing lead quality and quantity, implementing marketing automation and more.

Market Research

Course lessons include meeting engineers along the buyer's journey, building audience personas, reducing uncertainty in marketing communications and more.

Branding & Advertising

Course lessons include creating an integrated marketing campaign for impact and results, ``digital fitness``, leveraging your brand identity and more.

Social Media

Course lessons include marketing for manufacturing growth, stop talking about your product first, and more.