Marketing to Engineers®  eBook Series Part Four: Marketing to Engineers®  with Social Media

Social media permeates people’s lives—at work as well as at home—like never before, and savvy marketers know that a sound social media strategy is a key element in a successful integrated marketing program.

In this eBook, we’ll shed light on some of the ways engineers use social media and identify the best ways to connect across various social media platforms.

Insights & Information:

  • Build Value into your Content: Make sure what you’re sharing is authored by a trusted and valued source.
    • 92% of engineers find content that is authored by other engineers to be moderately or highly valuable, and 84 percent view peer-reviewed content at a similarly high level, only 40 percent find moderate (33%) or high (7%) value in supplier-produced content.
  • Engineers Consume a Ton of Content: The trick is to make yours stand out.
    • 51% of engineers consume 5 to 19 pieces of content (articles, white papers, videos, etc.) per month. What’s more, 40% consume 20 to over 50 pieces per month. 
  • Think of Social Media as a Conduit: It works best when it connects engineers to more traditional content sources.
    • Only 31% of engineers find social media to be moderately (20%) or highly (11%) valuable when seeking information on products and services, it nonetheless can be a powerful tool for connecting engineers to more frequently used content sources, such as websites, trade publications, and eNewsletters.

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