Marketing to Engineers® Brand Expands with Edition of Marketing to Engineers® Institute

Since 2012, Marketing to Engineers® has become an industry leader in its namesake. Now, the brand has expanded from the annual live event and lunch and learns with the introduction of the Marketing to Engineers® Institute.

The Marketing to Engineers® Institute is a brand-new online masterclass program offered by CFE Media and Technology. The program provides users with content to effectively market to engineers through innovative presentations, interactive quizzes, and industry-leading research. Upon completion of the course, marketers should feel empowered with the knowledge they are now experts when it comes to marketing to engineers. The course is on-demand and can be taken anywhere at any time by the learner.

With five courses covering Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Branding & Advertising, Social Media, and Market Research, the Marketing to Engineers® Institute offers 30 presentations and over 1,200 minutes of high-quality content presented by experts in the B2B marketing industry.

Access the Marketing to Engineers® Institute at

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