CFE Media is the world’s most foremost expert on how to market to engineers, and educates its marketing partners about the engineering community’s content consumption needs better than any B2B media group in the market. CFE Media provides real solutions to four key engineer subscriber groups via multi-media platforms based on subscriber research and industry intelligence.

We are dedicated to the mission of education for both our subscribers and our marketing partners, and one of the ways we implement educational opportunities with our partners is through in-person and online events. The Marketing to Engineers® seminar features industry experts presenting tips for successful integrated marketing campaigns, and the latest trends relevant to the engineering community.

Marketing to Engineers® 2020

Join CFE Media for a day of education on marketing to engineers on Monday, April 27, 2020, in downtown Chicago for the annual Marketing to Engineers® event. During the educational sessions, industry experts will discuss solutions and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively. Results of a new Marketing to Engineers® study will also be released at the live event! 

We know engineers are tough to market to. That’s the reason why we created an entire event focused around honing your marketing skills for an engineering audience. This is YOUR event! Engineers think differently.

The event starts on Monday at 10:00 a.m. CT, April 27, at the Sofitel Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile—20 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago, IL 60611. CFE Media has a room block at the Sofitel Hotel Chicago Magnificent Mile for $189 per night. You can book online here – The room block will expire on Monday, April 6th at 5:00p.

Register now to receive the advanced registration ticket price of $379.

If you are interested in speaking at the 2020 event the official submission form is now CLOSED. Please contact McKenzie Burns ( or Courtney Murphy ( with questions. 

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Marketing to Engineers® 2019

In April 2019, CFE Media hosted the annual Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During the educational sessions, industry experts discussed solutions and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively. The event also featured results from two Marketing to Engineers® studies: In-Person & Online Continuing Education Opportunities and How Engineers Operate within their Purchasing/Specification Centers. See the full event line-up below. 

Event sponsored by: Hannover Messe USA

2019 Marketing to Engineers® lineup.
Speaker information.
Learn more about the panel of engineers.

Marketing to Engineers® 2018

In April 2018, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During the educational sessions, industry experts discussed solutions and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively. The event also featured results from TWO Marketing to Engineers® studies, as well provided attendees the opportunity to ask questions of engineers during our engineering panels!

Event sponsored by: Hannover Messe USA

2018 Marketing to Engineers® lineup.
Speaker information.
Learn more about the panelists.

Marketing to Engineers® 2017

In April 2017, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During the educational sessions, industry experts discussed solutions and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively. The 2017 event featured two engineers panels, a presentation on the latest Marketing to Engineers® study, as well as the results from CFE Media’s “Marketer Research Study” which was conducted to learn from our marketing partners about what trends, techniques, and technologies they are implementing when Marketing to Engineers®. To see photos from the 2017 event click HERE

The Latest Marketing to Engineers® Research and Marketer Research Study: Patrick Lynch, Director of ContentStream® Software, CFE Media LLC

Patrick Lynch will speak on the results of CFE Media’s sixth Marketing to Engineers® study: Engineers’ Advertisement Preferences and Content Needs Along the Buyer’s Journey. Lynch will also present on the Marketer Research Study, which highlights CFE Media’s marketing partners insights about what trends, techniques, and technologies they are implementing when marketing to engineers. 

Speeding the Buyer’s Journey with Marketing Automation and Content: Dan Hirsh, Partner, MediaSolve Group

Many companies spend time and marketing dollars themselves, their products and sales cycle. We’ll discuss the advantages of flipping that equation to explore the Buyer’s Journey and power of content.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to speak the language of your engineer customer.
  • Understand the challenges that slow your prospects’ progress on their Buyer’s Journey.
  • Leverage the tools that can provide a marketing advantage.

Morning Engineers Panel

  • Tyler Davis – AMS Engineering Manager, Archrock
  • Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, LEED AP, BEMP – Senior Mechanical Engineer, exp US Services
  • Joe Martin – Founder and President, Martin Control Systems

A New Class of Buyers for Industry 4.0: Jennifer Leigh Brown, Executive Planning Director, Godfrey and Alison Fetterman, Account Group Manager, Godfrey

You can’t just market to engineers anymore. The Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) is rapidly transforming the manufacturing landscape. Today’s buyer might be a machine operator, a process engineer or a VP of manufacturing. The COO still matters, but IT professionals might sit at the table, too. Everyone in the enterprise will expect something different from your company and its products. Join us for new research on how you can reach this ever-expanding crowd of 21st-century buyers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT): What’s really happening in the manufacturing world and why it matters.
  • The players: Who initiates, who advocates for, who approves and who pays for Industry 4.0/lloT initiatives?
  • The benefits: What do the players expect to achieve with their lloT initiatives?
  • The need: What do these buyers need from you?
  • The opportunity: What does this mean to you?

Building Audience Personas that Work for You: Leslie Maynes, Public Relations Director, Two Rivers Marketing 

A large part of today’s marketing efforts in this fragmented marketing world is the development of content, whether it’s informative, educational, entertaining, selling and hopefully shareable. Personas are a cornerstone not just for an excellent content strategy, but also for keeping up with today’s changing audiences. Companies need to know, now more than ever, what makes their audiences tick, and what ticks them off. Creating content or marketing messages that fall flat or don’t hit the right notes waste everyone’s time and money, and definitely do not deliver marketing ROI.

Attendees will learn how to create personas that work using our persona development process. You’ll take away good tips and tricks to create personas on your own or with your teams, because taking the first step is the most important. Like people, personas are living beings and need to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get it on paper, even if it’s not perfect.
  • Personas aren’t segmentation; learn how to defend your audience insights.
  • Audiences and communications preferences change. Keep up with changes to succeed.

Customer Research: Creating Customer-Centric Marketing Programs to Drive Business Results: Jane Sidebottom, President, Applied Marketing Knowledge

The challenge:  How to collect and use research to drive successful, customer-centric product/services development, marketing and sales programs.

This presentation will offer attendees the opportunity to learn how to put together a research program that will:

  • Equip their marketing and sales organization with sustainable/actionable customer-centric data and insights to feed their strategy roadmaps.
  • Leverage their budgets/investment across their company’s business/marketing/sales strategies and programs: be exposed to the multiple ways the research can be used.
  • Effective methods to balance quantitative and qualitative requirements from internal stakeholders.
  • Further expose attendees to the research resources available from CFE Media.

In the presentation I will use a project we did for a mid-sized manufacturer, in 2016, as a case study. This will demonstrate the high quality of CFE’s research resources as well as provide the audience with a roadmap to developing sustainable market intelligence for their organization. The case study will show how research from a project like this can support strategy development, branding and key message development, sales program development and execution, digital media campaigns and programs and deliver customer-centric differentiation. I will complement this case study with examples and methods for the service providers in attendance.

Leverage Your Brand Identity to Improve Efficiency and Customer Success: Richard Carvill, Brand Marketer, True Vine Marketing Communications

Many organizations are getting less than fair value for their products and services because of indistinct and undifferentiated brand positioning. However, when these same organizations give proper care and attention to their brand, marketing efficiency and effectiveness can improve dramatically.

In this presentation, Rich will help engineers and marketers alike to understand and appreciate the significance of “brand identity” and how an authentic brand promise, one that is understood and consistently demonstrated throughout the organization, can transform a business and its employees.

We will walk through a systematic process and specific examples, to help the audience see how a clear understanding of an organization’s true value-creating potential can lead to smarter and more profitable decisions throughout all levels of the business.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding where real value comes from.
  • Asking the right questions and the right people.
  • How to enhance marketing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How to get your staff on board.

Afternoon Engineers Panel

  • Cory Abramowicz, PE, HBDP, LEED AP – Associate, Environmental Systems Design 
  • Yogesh Prasad Balajee – Senior Controls Engineer, Puratos
  • Louis DeAlba – Electrical Designer and Revit Administrator, Primera Engineers
  • Becca Delaney, PE, LEED-AP BD+C – Associate, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
  • Brendon Russ – Reliability Engineer, Southern Gardens Citrus

For more information on the 2017 Marketing to Engineers® speakers click HERE.
Event sponsored by: Hannover Messe and Crown Equipment

Marketing to Engineers® 2016

In March 2016, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During the educational sessions, industry experts discussed the emerging trends and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively.

2016 Advertising & Marketing Spend & Trends: Michael Balsam, VP & Lead Analyst, Outsell

  • Marketers and sales organizations are in a position to leverage data to tailor solutions specific to company size, industry and generational preferences
  • Content marketing is alive and well
  • Over digitalization has spurred the growth of face to face events as advertisers work to build trusted relationships with their customers and prospects
  • Longstanding marketer pain points clustered around analytics skills are subsiding.

Becoming an Ultimate Destination Site: Tracy Long, Vice President of Marketing, Baldor Electric Company

  • Think like a customer when you plan and design your site.
  • Share content across platforms which drive followers to your site.
  • Create an experience that makes viewers want to stay.

Marketers Panel: Perspective from Marketers, Suppliers and Manufacturers: Discussion about the latest research on best practices for marketing to engineers effectively, and what marketing-related issues or topics keep you up at night?

Increasing Lead Quality & Quantity: Yes, you can have it all!: Steve Krull, Founder and CEO, Be Found Online

  • Define what’s within each of the three pieces of your beefy lead generation system’s funnel: Awareness, Consideration, Decision.
  • Learn how to unite channel strategies into one strong lead generation system.
  • Be sure your new lead generation ideas are on track for success as Steve reveals the three most common pitfalls to steer clear of.

Results of the Latest Marketing to Engineers® Research: Content Consumption, Advertisements, Mobile Devices/applications, & Data Privacy: Patrick Lynch, Director of Content Marketing Solutions, CFE Media:

This survey—the fifth in the Marketing to Engineers® series—was designed to target the average engineer in order learn about how they find, use, and engage with content that helps them better do their job. Specific topics for this installment include content consumption now compared to 5 years ago, successful advertisement details, using mobile devices for work-related purposes, and concerns with data privacy.

Combining Content and Tech to Build a Lead Generation Machine: Dean Arvanitis, Director, Marketing & Product Management, Rittal and Joel Goldstein, President, Goldstein Group Communications:

  • What content works.
  • How to do advertising that works.
  • How to execute marketing automation tools.
  • How to build a website that truly performs.
  • How to build the analytics to measure marketing ROI.

Engineers Panel: Perspective from Engineers: Discussion about the latest research on best practices for marketing to engineers effectively.  

Knowledge Marketing for Manufacturing Growth – A Content Marketing How-to-Guide: Bruce McDuffee, Founder and Executive Director, Manufacturing Marketing Institute:

  • Learn how to increase engagement 100x without pitching products.
  • Learn how to convert the engagement to revenue.
  • How to get started going uphill against a strong product culture.

7 Essentials of Effective Marketing: Duane Nelson, Founder & Chief Growth Officer, entp:

  • Determine how to overcome the disconnect between marketing and the CEO, and actually gain credibility.
  • Learn how to think differently about the role of marketing and how it contributes to success.
  • Discover why your marketing efforts haven’t been as successful as they could be.
  • Learn the essentials that have generated more than $350 million of first year growth and how to apply them to your organization.

Marketing to Engineers® 2015

In March 2015, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During the educational sessions, industry experts discussed the emerging trends and tactics for marketing to engineers effectively.

Results of the latest Marketing to Engineers® Research: Patrick Lynch, Director of
Marketing to Engineers, CFE Media

Right Brain Marketing: Tapping Into the Engineer’s Brain: Dane Cowling, Founder, The Communications Group, Inc.

  • Regardless of the type of purchase, consumers are motivated to buy a brand promise or product when both the left and right sides of their brain “agree” on the decision. Unfortunately, we’ve become very skilled at meeting the needs required by the logic-based left side of our brains, but have ignored it’s very powerful emotion-based partner.

Meeting Engineers Along the Buyer’s Journey: Dan Staresinic, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Process Industries & Drives, Siemens Industry Inc.

  • Most marketers understand that every B2B buyer is on a journey, as part of a team tasked to make the best technology buying decision for their company. What happens when one or more of the buyers are engineers? How do marketers help these engineers make the decision to buy from them?

The Magic of Marketing Automation: Parin Mody, Managing Partner, StratMarketing Group

  • Have you thought about marketing automation, but are worried that you’ll make a big investment that won’t pay off? No matter where you are in the process, this presentation by marketing automation expert, Parin Mody, is a must-see for all B2B marketers. It will save you time, money, aggravation—and get you results.

Digital Fitness – Tips & Tools for Trimming the Digital Fat in 2015: Steve Krull, Founder and CEO, Be Found Online

  • The digital landscape is constantly changing with new strategies emerging all the time. Join Steve Krull of Be Found Online for what promises to be an entertaining session covering some of the things you can do to get your site, content and campaigns in tip top shape for 2015, and increase your business.

Integrated Marketing: The Drive for Measurable Results: Rich Thompson, Vice President of Marketing, ITW Welding North America

  • Why an Integrated Approach is vital to your brand message and business in our world today
  • How Brand Consistency benefits from it
  • The importance of testing to understand where your audience is and isn’t, and how that makes this all work
  • Why Integrated Marketing creates the critical avenues to lead to purchase.

Panel: Perspective from Suppliers and Engineers: Discussion about the latest research on best practices for how to market to engineers effectively

Marketing to Engineers® 2014

In March 2014, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During this afternoon session, industry experts presented tips for marketing communications, new product introductions, marketing campaigns, industrial branding, and other marketing to engineers tools.

Integrating the Marketing & Engineering Points of View in Marketing Communications: Brit Buchanon & Leonard Salamida

  • Eliminating bias and jargon from marketing communications
  • Understanding how engineers create and understand communications
  • Communicating with the B2B buyer

Marketing New Product Introductions in Mobility & SaaS: Ideation to Marketing Execution: Rob McGreevy

  • Market dynamics and changes
  • Results oriented marketing for new products
  • Barriers and opportunities

Creating an Integrated Marketing Campaign for Impact and Results: Maryanne Steidinger

  • What is an integrated marketing campaign?
  • What are the foundational elements that must be addressed?
  • How do you know you’ve succeeded?

Industrial Branding: The Lost Art in the Industrial Marketplace: Rich Thompson

  • The importance of leading with a true brand strategy vs. feature/benefit product strategy
  • How brands are either built or destroyed by a company’s actions or inaction
  • Why people buy brands and understanding how the attachment to a brand works

Create Marketing Engineers Love: Rebecca Geier

  • Be Intentional: Why is this the RIGHT message to share RIGHT now?
  • Be Generous: What expertise will help AND and build trust?
  • Be Ready: How will we get found AND listen?

Marketing to Engineers® 2013

In March 2013, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During this afternoon session, industry experts presented tips for website design, content marketing strategies, and best practices for marketing to engineers.

Website Design: Search Marketing Best Practices: Steve Krull

  • Why content is (still) King
  • Aligning navigation with user intent, and using research to  influence what you think
  • Designing with content in mind

Content Marketing Strategy: Giving Away Your Secret Sauce: Joe Pulizzi

  • The latest in content marketing research
  • How B2B companies and those that target engineers can leverage content marketing to find and retain more customers
  • Great content marketing examples in action

Best Practices for Marketing to Engineers: Alicia DuBay

  • The challenges of marketing to engineers
  • What today’s successful integrated marketing campaign looks like
  • Case study: A campaign that worked well for ABB

Marketing to Engineers® 2012

In March 2012, CFE Media hosted the Marketing to Engineers® event in downtown Chicago. During this afternoon session, industry experts presented tips for successful integrated marketing campaigns and covered the latest trends in social media relevant to the engineering community.

Engineers: A Day in the Life: Michael Uttech

  • Adjusting to 24/7 work
  • Project case study
  • How do engineers get information today?

How to Run a Successful Integrated Marketing Program: Lawrence Wegner

  • Running a successful dynamic integrated program
  • Knowing your audience
  • How do you choose the right media channels to get the best ROI?
  • Best practices in campaign strategy, implementation and measurement

Social Media in the B-to-B World, Part 1: Steve Krull

  • What is social media?: Busting social myths
  • Putting the right social media strategy into context
  • Implementation: Putting Strategy into Action

Social Media in the B-to-B World, Part 2: Jim Cahill

  • Why social media for automation suppliers?
  • Understanding the correct approach to social media marketing with your engineering audience
  • How we connect with manufacturers through social media to grow business opportunities