M2E eBook Series Part Six: Marketing to Engineers® Content Needs, Social Media Usage, and Supplier Relations

As a supplier to the industry, developing productive relationships with customers and prospects has never been easier than it is today. It has also never come with more challenges. The easy bit: You have more access to content and means for communication than ever before. The hard bit: Your customers and prospects have more access to content and means for communication – with you and your competition – than ever before.

The importance of understanding the needs and habits of customers has never been more critical.

Insights & Information:

  • Finding Valuable Content – Traditional search still leads the way.
    • Over 80% of engineers cited search engines, supplier/vendor websites, and trade publications as the most valuable content sources for information on products and services. Conversely, only 31% find value in social media channels.
  • Some Share, Some Don’t – Willingness to share is divided down the middle.
    • Forty-eight percent of engineers are willing to provide their “stage of purchase” information with suppliers.
  • Timing Matters – It is important to customize content based on the stage of the buying cycle.
    • Of the engineers who are willing to share their stage of the buying cycle, 65% think it’s important for suppliers to tailor their content based on that information.

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