Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Driving Sales?

The proliferation of digital communications has made the world a noisy place. Marketers know full well to compete in the ‘attention economy’ requires an unprecedented level of  personalization and value in messaging. Be in the right place, at the right time with the right message. Sales is exactly the same.

In previous articles I’ve talked about the value of social as a channel for sales to connect with the modern buyer. Now I will address how content plays a central role in building relationships once you’ve connected.

Does content really matter? Everyone is familiar with my fellow Canadian Marshall McLuhan’s quote “The medium is the message”, but isn’t the message the message too? I believe content matters in the same way the medium matters – the degree of Personalization of the message reflects the value of the relationship to the communicator. Buyers don’t have time to engage with sellers who don’t value their relationship. Salespeople often use a canned script focused on products and services that fail to address buyer needs. This is often fatal.

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