Is Print Dead? Not So Fast…

In introducing LinkedIn’s recent B2B marketing trends for the contrarian marketer series, Peter Weinberg shared an interesting thought about following trends too closely: “If your marketing strategy is based on consensus opinion — even if that consensus opinion is right — you’re destined to fail. If your competitors are doing exactly what you are doing, then you have no advantage, by definition.”

Weinberg’s words remind me of something a former colleague of mine liked to say. Whenever someone declared something dead, he would respond with something to the effect of, [marketing phenomenon] isn’t dead, calling things dead is. 

In other words, marketers’ ears should perk up whenever something is declared dead because it represents an opportunity to take an approach that both surprises and delights. It’s also a call for marketers to change the way they look at trends. This brings us to our topic of the day: Is print dead? 

Read the full article here.

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