Improving Email Deliverability: 10 Things to Try

Email connects you with your audience, but are your emails actually connecting with your audience? More specifically, are your emails getting delivered to your audience’s inboxes?

It may be possible that you have a deliverability problem without knowing it. Sometimes, this comes down to confusion between deliverability and inbox placement.

Your deliverability rate tells you that your email arrived at a destination, but it doesn’t say what that destination was. You may see a 99% deliverability rate, but if those newsletters weren’t delivered to the inbox, it’s like they were never delivered at all.

Meanwhile, your inbox placement rate tells you what percentage of your emails actually got to the inbox. Readers aren’t likely to dig through spam to read your newsletters, so to really reach your audience, inbox placement is what counts.

Mailbox providers (like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) decide whether to place email in the inbox or spam based on sender reputation, whether recipients engage with your content, and other factors. If your newsletters are going to spam, here are ten tips to get more email to the inbox.

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