Got a Plan? Content Marketing Success Demands It

Unless today is your first day as a content marketer, you’re aware of how essential a documented strategy is to achieving content marketing success. It’s one of those mantras you’ve heard being chanted again and again throughout every corner of the industry until you simply can’t help but accept it as truth. It really is that important.

But let’s face it: Not all of us have a direct part in crafting or controlling our company’s strategic, high-level view of content. Our job is to fulfill the promise of those strategic ideals by implementing and executing on an editorial plan – i.e., policy, process, team resource, and task-related decisions – that best positions your content marketing program for long-term success.

If you’re looking to build an essential tactical plan for your organization or to refine the one you have, read on for a handy tutorial and some of our best resources to guide you.

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