Marketing to Engineers® 2017 – A New Class of Buyers for Industry 4.0

A New Class of Buyers for Industry 4.0: Jennifer Leigh Brown, Executive Planning Director, Godfrey and Alison Fetterman, Account Group Manager, Godfrey

You can’t just market to engineers anymore. The Industrial Internet of Things (lloT) is rapidly transforming the manufacturing landscape. Today’s buyer might be a machine operator, a process engineer or a VP of manufacturing. The COO still matters, but IT professionals might sit at the table, too. Everyone in the enterprise will expect something different from your company and its products. Join us for new research on how you can reach this ever-expanding crowd of 21st-century buyers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT): What’s really happening in the manufacturing world and why it matters.
  • The players: Who initiates, who advocates for, who approves and who pays for Industry 4.0/lloT initiatives?
  • The benefits: What do the players expect to achieve with their lloT initiatives?
  • The need: What do these buyers need from you?
  • The opportunity: What does this mean to you?