Marketing to Engineers® 2017 – Leverage Your Brand Identity to Improve Efficiency and Customer Success

Leverage Your Brand Identity to Improve Efficiency and Customer Success: Richard Carvill, Brand Marketer, True Vine Marketing Communications

Many organizations are getting less than fair value for their products and services because of indistinct and undifferentiated brand positioning. However, when these same organizations give proper care and attention to their brand, marketing efficiency and effectiveness can improve dramatically.

In this presentation, Rich will help engineers and marketers alike to understand and appreciate the significance of “brand identity” and how an authentic brand promise, one that is understood and consistently demonstrated throughout the organization, can transform a business and its employees.

We will walk through a systematic process and specific examples, to help the audience see how a clear understanding of an organization’s true value-creating potential can lead to smarter and more profitable decisions throughout all levels of the business.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Understanding where real value comes from.
  • Asking the right questions and the right people.
  • How to enhance marketing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • How to get your staff on board.