Marketing to Engineers® 2017 – Customer Research: Creating Customer-Centric Marketing Programs to Drive Business Results

Customer Research: Creating Customer-Centric Marketing Programs to Drive Business Results: Jane Sidebottom, President, Applied Marketing Knowledge

The challenge:  How to collect and use research to drive successful, customer-centric product/services development, marketing and sales programs.

This presentation will offer attendees the opportunity to learn how to put together a research program that will:

  • Equip their marketing and sales organization with sustainable/actionable customer-centric data and insights to feed their strategy roadmaps.
  • Leverage their budgets/investment across their company’s business/marketing/sales strategies and programs: be exposed to the multiple ways the research can be used.
  • Effective methods to balance quantitative and qualitative requirements from internal stakeholders.
  • Further expose attendees to the research resources available from CFE Media.

In the presentation I will use a project we did for a mid-sized manufacturer, in 2016, as a case study. This will demonstrate the high quality of CFE’s research resources as well as provide the audience with a roadmap to developing sustainable market intelligence for their organization. The case study will show how research from a project like this can support strategy development, branding and key message development, sales program development and execution, digital media campaigns and programs and deliver customer-centric differentiation. I will complement this case study with examples and methods for the service providers in attendance.