Marketing to Engineers® 2017 – Building Audience Personas that Work for You

Building Audience Personas that Work for You: Leslie Maynes, Public Relations Director, Two Rivers Marketing

A large part of today’s marketing efforts in this fragmented marketing world is the development of content, whether it’s informative, educational, entertaining, selling and hopefully shareable. Personas are a cornerstone not just for an excellent content strategy, but also for keeping up with today’s changing audiences. Companies need to know, now more than ever, what makes their audiences tick, and what ticks them off. Creating content or marketing messages that fall flat or don’t hit the right notes waste everyone’s time and money, and definitely do not deliver marketing ROI.

Attendees will learn how to create personas that work using our persona development process. You’ll take away good tips and tricks to create personas on your own or with your teams, because taking the first step is the most important. Like people, personas are living beings and need to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Learning Objectives:

  • Get it on paper, even if it’s not perfect.
  • Personas aren’t segmentation; learn how to defend your audience insights.
  • Audiences and communications preferences change. Keep up with changes to succeed.