Marketing to Engineers® 2015 – Right Brain Marketing: Tapping Into the Engineers Brain

Session 2: Right Brain Marketing: Tapping Into the Engineers Brain

Speaker: Dane Cowling, Founder, The Communications Group, Inc.

Key Takeaways:

All consumers make decisions based on their emotional needs. Whether it’s a new purse or highly engineered machine, process or service, people are motivated to buy a brand promise or product when both the left and right sides of their brain “agree” on the decision. Unfortunately, we have become very skilled at meeting the needs required by the logic-based left side of our brains, but have ignored it’s very powerful emotion-based partner.

About the Speaker and Company

Dane Cowling is an owner and founder of The Communications Group, Inc., a 26 year old marketing, advertising and public relations firm based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Over his 30 year career, Dane has been involved with the sales and marketing programs for B2B industrial customers beginning with Aermotor Windmills and Jacuzzi Brothers pumps in 1985 to current relationships with Baldor Electric Company, Motion Industries, Plastic Suppliers, Inc. and Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems, to name a few. Dane is an Arkansas native and currently lives in Little Rock with his wife, Ginnie after raising and “releasing” two daughters.