The Average Engineer Receives 44 Emails Per Day; Are They Reading Yours?—FREE Download: Marketing to Engineers®  with Your Emails Ebook

Create Better Emails—FREE Download: Marketing to Engineers®  with Your Emails Ebook

No one likes receiving unnecessary mail in their inbox, and engineers are no different. 61% of engineers say that the main reason they unsubscribe from an email is that it’s not helpful, relevant, or interesting.* Email campaigns are sometimes more complex than they seem, and in this day and age of the digital world, marketers are asked to do more than ever to get their message out. We are here to help alleviate the troubles with our new series of eBooks!

Our clients have expressed how the Marketing to Engineers® research has helped them improve their email and enewsletter value. In part two of our six-part eBook series, check out some helpful hints about how you too can capture the attention of engineers with your emails.

  • Stay On Target: Segmented and targeted emails generate 58% of all revenue according to research from DMA.
  • Get To The Point: 84% of engineers identified quick bulleted facts as the most attractive content in enewsletters.
  • Stay Relevant: Provide unique, focused, and valuable content sought by engineers. There is often a difference between what your marketing team wants to say, and what engineers want to hear.

*Source: Marketing to Engineers® research.

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