Applied Automation

Applied Automation is the premier title serving manufacturing and utilities. Properly applied, automation continues to be critical to business success by ensuring efficiency, productivity, safety, security, and profitability.

Applied Automation targets those who buy and specify automation, control and instrumentation systems, products, and services. Published bimonthly as a supplement to Control Engineering and Plant Engineering magazines, Applied Automation features content that demonstrates how automation professionals apply their knowledge to solve issues in utilities and manufacturing processes every day.

Through these application stories and case studies, the editorial coverage in Applied Automation examines how engineers and technicians apply automation, instrumentation, and control theories and techniques to help their facilities increase capacity, enhance design and production, improve efficiency, increase profitability, and avoid regulatory consequences. The proper application of these technologies solves problems.

The broad range of available industrial automation and control solution matches the editorial focus of Applied Automation extremely well. From PLCs and DCSs to HMIs, from distributed I/O to distributed controllers, from Ethernet to fieldbus, and from drives to motors, Applied Automation covers these—and many more automation technologies. Content is provided by automation industry system integrators, end-users, engineers, technicians, plant managers, control engineers, manufacturers, and thought leaders.

With the many challenges that face manufacturers and utilities—and the companies that provide automation solutions to them—Applied Automation makes excellent automation and business sense.