Advertise with Plant Engineering

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Top Ten Reasons to Advertise with Plant Engineering

  1. Subscribers of Plant Engineering content are active decision makers of plant maintenance systems and equipment, often making decisions for multiple products. On average, they are involved in at least seven of the 18 products evaluated, and during the next 12 months they will be evaluating six products.
  2. Thirty percent will spend $1 million or more on plant maintenance systems and equipment over the next 12 months. Six out of 10 respondents have budgetary responsibilities.
  3. Subscribers of Plant Engineering rely on their vendors as well as trade publications for information. Not only do they rely on them, they list these two among the top five preferred sources.
  4. Engineering publications and their respective websites are a springboard for further action. Two-thirds of subscribers have visited an advertiser’s website as a result of reading the Plant Engineering print magazine (another 58% have visited an advertiser’s website after viewing the Plant Engineering digital edition). Six in 10 have passed information onto a colleague after reading a print issue, and 52% have downloaded a white paper from reading a digital issue.
  5. Subscribers of the Plant Engineering print and digital editions are dedicated readers of Plant Engineering magazine. Eighty percent are regular readers (an average of three or four out of four issues read). On average, they spend 39 minutes a Plant Engineering issue.
  6. Print and digital subscribers are likely to pass their issue to at least one additional person, resulting in two readers per issue. The Plant Engineering print and digital audience is projected to be twice the size as the 2015 Verified Audit Circulation report states.
  7. Subscribers of the print and digital editions of Plant Engineering magazine are loyal readers. More than half of them either read cover-to-cover or scan an issue for articles of interest.
  8. Over the past 2 years, reader habits have remained consistent. Ninety-one percent read more or spend the same amount of time reading compared to 2 years ago. Some of the reasons are due to an expansion in the role of the plant engineer, which has prompted a need for more information.
  9. Subscribers read Plant Engineering content for multiple reasons. Topping the list are for new technology/tools, codes and standards, case studies/best practices, opinions/advice from other professionals, and plant strategies.
  10. Respondents to the survey represent large plants with an average employee size of 2,199 and annual 2015 revenue averaging $1 billion. Plant engineers are seasoned professionals with an average of 19 years in the profession.