About CFE Media

CFE Media provides engineers in manufacturing, commercial and industrial buildings, and manufacturing control systems with the knowledge they need to improve their operational efficiency. CFE Media delivers the right information at the right time through a variety of platforms. CFE means “Content for Engineers,” and CFE Media means comprehensive, relevant content delivered to engineers around the world – on time, on their schedule. 

CFE is the platform for content, community and applications that engages engineers worldwide to share, learn and increase productivity across all engineering designs, systems, and plants. CFE Media strives to:

  • Inspire engineers to interact, respond to peers, and contribute to content that will assist other engineers with similar challenges
  • Develop an infrastructure that aligns, organizes and maps content to audiences specialized needs and business opportunities
  • Through the use of industry experts and leaders, we will fully understand our audience and its changing needs for targeted information and delivery channels
  • Create a community where engineers provide a peer-to-peer exchange of information, ideas, challenges and best practices.

CFE Media publishes Control Engineering, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Oil & Gas Engineering, and Plant Engineering magazines and digital products on a monthly basis to a global audience of more than 1,378,000 qualified subscribers. Our wide range of weekly and monthly eNewsletters targets engineers and covers the latest manufacturing news, products, educational opportunities and industry trends. Videos, webcasts, podcasts, blogs and virtual events on www.controleng.com, www.csemag.com, www.oilandgaseng.com and www.plantengineering.com provide a platform for sharing ideas and immediately-applicable solutions to help engineers succeed.

As a primary content developer, our targeted content channels distribute the latest content about manufacturing and construction news, products, educational opportunities and industry trends directly to our engineering audiences. As a software and technology developer, we provide sophisticated, SaaS-based solutions to our marketing customers to help them with their content marketing, database management, and mobile app development needs.