Patrick Lynch

As Vice President, Patrick Lynch is responsible for the strategic direction, marketing and commercialization of CFE Technology’s industry-leading SaaS platforms. By leveraging a patented, content marketing software called ContentStream®, a qualified lead-streaming service called ContactStream®, and proprietary insights from Marketing to Engineers® research, Lynch builds campaigns for industrial clients that generate results, ROI, & new revenue opportunities.

In 2016, Lynch took on a new responsibility of marketing, selling, & onboarding strategic media partners with the launch of the ContentStream® for Publishers. By overseeing the development and launch of the industry’s first content syndication marketplace for b-to-b publishers, Lynch opened up a new revenue platform for both CFE Technology and our partner publishing companies such as IEEE Spectrum, Babcox Media, & Informa.

With a Journalism & Mass Communication Bachelor’s degree from University of Iowa, and an MBA in product development from Loyola University, Lynch’s background includes experience on content development, project management, advertising sales, and new product development. He’s a lifelong resident of the Chicagoland area, and a diehard Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, and Bears fan. He currently lives with his wife and family in the near-western suburbs of Chicago.