3 Minutes & Counting: How Much Time Will Engineers Spend on Your Site? Find Out in our FREE eBook

Introducing Our FREE New Marketing to Engineers® eBook Series—Part One: Marketing to Engineers® with Your Website.

It’s no surprise that engineers have their quirks and preferences, some of which make them difficult to market to. And in this day in age, marketers are asked to do more than ever to get their message out! To help alleviate some of the complexity, we’ve put together a series of eBooks that can help you navigate the engineering waters, and improve your marketing efforts.

With research from more than 7,000 engineers, our first of four eBooks takes you through the best ways to effectively market to engineers with your website.

  • Stay Up to Date: 75% of engineers are more likely to do business with companies that regularly produce new and current content.
  • Format for the People: Does document format really matter? For engineers, it does. Over 80% of them prefer PDF to other downloadable document types.
  • It’s Not You: It’s your website. Over half of engineers surveyed said they might not do business with a company whose website is poorly designed.

Check out some of the helpful hints available in the eBook.

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