The Latest Marketing to Engineers® Research: In-Person & Online Continuing Education Opportunities and How Engineers Operate within their Purchasing/Specification Centers: Patrick Lynch, Director, Vice President of CFE Technology

Patrick Lynch will speak on the results of CFE Media’s two most recent Marketing to Engineers® studies:

Continuing Education & Learning Management Systems:

  • What engineers need & want from learning management systems (LMS)
  • How engineers acquire continuing education units
  • What engineers want from suppliers during continuing education opportunities such as trade shows, lunch & learns, etc.

How Engineers Operate within the Purchasing & Specification Centers at their Companies

  • What role does an engineer play when operating within the purchase/spec center at their organization?
  • What can suppliers do to streamline the purchase/specification process?
  • What supporting content and what content characteristics are the most valuable to an engineer when operating within a purchase/spec center?

Lynch will also highlight CFE Media’s newest Marketing to Engineers® eBooks:

  • Marketing to Engineers® with Social Media
  • Marketing to Engineers® with Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Throughout the Buyer’s Journey

Marketers’ Panel: Mini Presentations/Case Studies

Reducing Uncertainty in Marketing Communications: Leslie Galbreath, CEO, dgs Marketing Engineers

This presentation outlines the role research plays in strategic marketing communications planning for manufacturers.

Learning Objectives:

  • The role research plays in marketing communications planning.
  • How to make the most of data.
  • How to leverage insights into an effective marketing communications plan.
  • Keys to measurable success.

Marketing complex products to technically-minded people is challenging and becoming more so each day. Today’s manufacturers need every advantage when it comes to gaining an edge on the competition. To succeed, companies must understand the customer lifecycle and how best to reach them each step of the way. Too often, marketing communication planning is done based on habit or gut instinct – nothing could be less useful. Harnessing the power of research to reduce uncertainty in planning increases the odds that you’ll reach your customer when they have a need and ultimately win the business. dgs has specialized in manufacturing since 1986 and we coined the term Marketing Engineers in 2002 as a reflection of our commitment to moving the industry forward.

Building a Content Strategy that Attracts, Educates and Motivates Engineers to Buy: Carla Vallone, President, Portavoce Public Relations and Adrienne Greene, Marketing Manager for Precision Fastening Power Tools, Ingersoll Rand

In 2017, the Ingersoll Rand Precision Fastening team was facing some challenges: an unqualified lead list that wasn’t bearing fruit, target customers who were stuck in their ways and existing customers who value their privacy, rather than participate in case studies. Ingersoll Rand’s research and CFE’s Marketing to Engineers® study showed that engineers use media articles, case studies and application stories to inform their purchase decision.

To break down barriers to purchase, Ingersoll Rand and Portavoce PR partnered to design and implement a content strategy. The result was a year-long campaign that nurtured and educated potential customers with original content about smart tools, simple data management systems and how to improve manufacturing quality. The campaign generated 257 qualified customer leads and $300,000 in sales.

In this presentation, Adrienne Greene, marketing manager for Precision Fastening Power Tools at Ingersoll Rand, will discuss how she rallied Ingersoll Rand’s fastening experts to become the storytelling stars and leveraged public relations content to fuel paid marketing tactics. Carla Vallone, President of Portavoce PR and the Managing Director of the Ingersoll Rand account, will present how marketers can utilize storytelling content across a variety of channels to maximize their investment in content creation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Elevate beyond speeds and feeds to achieve storytelling that is enjoyable and easy to read.
  • Breakdown perceived barriers by demonstrating how other engineers have successfully adopted and integrated new solutions.
  • Leverage other storytellers, such as journalists and bloggers, to tell your story with third-party authenticity.
  • Populate stories across earned, paid, owned and shared channels efficiently and easily.

Engineers’ Panel (Learn more about the panelists)

  • Vincent Errichiello, 25Process Lead, Ingredion
  • Bryan McDonald, Staff Engineer, Martin Control Systems, Inc.
  • Kimberly Moore, President and Founder, KDM Engineering
  • Brian A. Rener, PE, LEED AP – Principal, Electrical Discipline Leader, SmithGroup
  • Saahil Tumber, PE, HBDP, LEED AP – Senior Associate, Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD)

State of Your Marketing Workshop

A fun, interactive review of your current marketing activities. Review your current situation and where you’d like to be in the future with stats and real-life examples from CFE Media and your peers. Plus receive additional best practices on how to market to engineers.

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