Do you know how engineers think? The Marketing to Engineers® event will provide attendees the opportunity to ask questions of engineers during our engineering panels! Hear from these experts…..

Morning Panel:

Adithi Raghavendra – Program Manager, Electrification (Industrial Sensing), Sensata Technologies
UCLA Anderson School of Management, MBA Candidate, Class of 2020

Like most in the engineering field, Adithi Raghavendra grew up with a natural inclination to solve problems, but she also developed a love for leadership early on. Ultimately, a pairing of the two is what led her into her current role at Sensata. After graduating from UC Berkeley, she took a full-time position in engineering. She exercises her leadership skills as chairwoman of Corporate Social Responsibility, and has worked closely with the leadership team to drive engineering integration post acquisition of new businesses. She has recently started and led a diversity and inclusion initiative titled WEST (Women Engineers Strong Together), aimed at empowering technical women located in Sensata’s west coast and Tijuana offices.

Raghavendra is passionate about volunteering, and in the last few years, she has designed and managed a website for the Karnataka Cultural Association of Southern California, which supports immigrants from Karnataka, India. Raghavendra was born in Karnataka and feels a sense of connection and purpose working with the organization. When not volunteering or working, she enjoys taking her Ducati Monster 695 out for a spin on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Joshua Schubert, PE, LEED AP, GBE, CEM – Director of Energy Engineering, Goby

Currently the director of energy engineering at Goby, an energy-management, sustainability reporting, and invoice-automation platform for the commercial real estate industry, Joshua Schubert was the first employee hired in the green startup company in 2009. Now, 8 years later, the company is thriving with a staff of 58 employees, and he can now proudly call himself part owner of the Series A-funded company. His dedication to energy efficiency and sustainability has been the foundation of success for the prosperous firm, and his main responsibilities include reviewing the energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality of clients’ buildings. Under Schubert’s direction, buildings have saved countless gallons of water and immense amounts of energy while ensuring proper indoor air quality. Additional responsibilities are big data analysis of building data including standardized energy-normalization procedures, smart budget forecasting, and correlating energy use and building systems into a useful portfolio view of conclusions.

Schubert is a member of the local U.S. Green Building Council chapter and is serving for the second consecutive year on the programs committee. He also is a member of the local chapters of the Association of Energy Engineers, ASHRAE, and the Young Professionals in Energy. The City of Chicago also looks to Schubert as a leader in the buildings industry, and he has voluntarily supported efforts on the City Energy Benchmarking Ordinance task force and the planning of the Fulton-Market Historic District design guidelines. 

Benjamin Skelton, PE, LEED AP, CxA, BEMP, CPMP – President, Cyclone Energy Group

Benjamin Skelton is the founder and president of Cyclone Energy Group, a Chicago-based building performance consulting firm. As a consulting engineer, Skelton specializes in energy efficient and sustainable buildings, and is recognized as an expert in building energy simulation, building commissioning, and retro-commissioning. He has worked on a wide variety of buildings and projects that include ENERGY STAR certification, U.S. Green Building Council LEED certification, and net-zero energy buildings. Benjamin has earned prestigious awards for engineering design including an ASHRAE International Design Competition 1st Place Design Award. He currently sits on the board for the International engineering society ASHRAE.

John Yoon, PE, LEED AP ID+C – Lead Electrical Engineer, McGuire Engineers Inc.

John Yoon’s expertise in the field of electrical engineering is the product of more than 20 years of experience in the design of electrical distribution systems, emergency systems, and lighting design. Serving as a senior member of the team, Yoon contributes to almost every new project as both a technical advisor and project manager. He leads the electrical design practice at McGuire Engineers, ensuring consistent and quality work. His professional experience ranges from high-rise building infrastructure design, to mission critical data centers and heavily regulated industrial design. Yoon also is well-versed in commercial projects, using his years of experience to deliver best-in-class services within abbreviated timelines. Something of a renaissance man, Yoon is valued for his ability to understand and analyze multiple disciplines within the field of engineering.

Afternoon Panel:

Charli Hon, Lead Engineer, Panacea Technologies Inc. 

Charli Hon is a long time advocate for automation as she believes it is the true melding of all engineering disciplines and it requires logic application, critical thinking, and attention to detail. In some ways it is an extension of her childhood curiosity to figure everything out. Hon was born in Hong Kong, which has given her a very unique and diverse education. She began to learn about Western culture at a young age and decided to earn her bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia. At Panacea, Hon has quickly become a leader and mentor for her fellow employees.

She leads up the technical training for Panacea’s EIT program, and works to push a client’s technical abilities separate from the project itself. Her engineering mindset extends beyond her professional life; she designed and implemented a landscape to combat her home’s flooding issues due to its location in a natural flood zone.

Nathaniel Kay, Project Manager, MartinCSI

Nathaniel Kay graduated from Youngstown State University Summa Cum Laude. He chose to work with control systems because he enjoys the variety it provides. “I enjoy researching new technologies that merge IT with control systems, and science and engineering has always been a passion of mine.” He’s been with MartinCSI for nearly 12 years. In those years, he has earned a professional engineer designation and been promoted to Project Manager. He is a team player, and always takes the time and effort to mentor junior team members. Customers have even specifically asked for Nate because of his good-natured reputation.

Kay trains and mentors all of the new engineers at MartinCSI, and is the go-to man for any questions or concerns they may have. In his spare time, he is an avid SCUBA diver. Naturally, he enjoys travelling to Hawaii with his family to take advantage of his SCUBA certification. As a fan of mixing the best of the old with the new, he remains the proud owner of a Commodore 54.

Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, LEED AP, BEMP – Senior Mechanical Engineer

Bill Kosik is a Professional Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, LEED Accredited Professional and a Building Energy Modeling Professional with over 25 years of experience. He has held director level and managing engineering roles that encompass client interface, public speaking, writing for industry publications, and designing and facilitating training programs. Kosik opened and managed the Chicago office for a major New York based engineering firm, and established an engineering subsidiary for a renowned Chicago architecture practice. He uses energy and resource efficient analysis and design techniques in strategic facility planning and has worked on projects in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Kosik has collaborated on several international committees responsible for creating energy and resource efficiency standards for buildings and currently has a US patent pending titled “Fuel Cell to Power Electronic Components.” He holds a Secret Clearance issued by the US Department of State.

Maria Lupo, LEED AP – Project Manager, Controls Engineer, Senior Associate, Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD)

Maria Lupo is a project manager and building-automation specialist for ESD’s automation team, which specializes in technically complex projects requiring resilient, flexible infrastructure for clients. She has successfully managed automation design and commissioning projects while serving as lead automation designer for commercial high-rise construction, renovations, mission critical data centers, and health care markets. Lupo has led innovative designs with HVAC controls and integration of smoke control strategies, and electrical power monitoring.

Lupo serves on the ASHRAE Illinois Chapter board and as the grassroots government advocacy committee chair. Lupo became a For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) robotics mentor at Northside College Prep High School, where she has mentored students as they build their creations for competition each year. After graduating from the University of Illinois, Lupo continued her involvement on campus with the U.S. Green Building Council UIUC student organization, which she founded as a student. Lupo enjoys motorcycle riding, artwork and playing volleyball and soccer.

Bill Sellitto, Principal, Vice President of Engineering, MartinCSI

As Vice President of Engineering/Principal for MartinCSI, Bill Sellitto’s main emphasis is project management development and client satisfaction. He is responsible for developing project execution plans (PEP), these plans help the company’s engineers and management team achieve top-quality satisfaction for clients. Sellitto also manages MartinCSI’s internal and external quality issues with the team and clients. Along with creating plans, methodologies, and managing quality assurance, he works closely with the company’s engineers on staff development. Sellitto also assists in assigning their engineers to specific projects to ensure clients are getting the best service on their projects and to help shape and enhance the engineer’s on his staff skills.