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Market Bigger Than You Are: A Practitioners Perspective: Samir Bagga, Chief Marketing Officer, L&T Technology Services Limited

Learning Objectives:

  • Your competition may have more fire power in terms of size, money, capabilities.
  • Your leadership does not always understand marketing or you. The rest of the folks around you are a bunch of geeks.
  • You feel like a lone warrior with the odds stacked against you.

So, how can you make the difference? Recall the David & Goliath story: You can tackle big and complex issues and break it down into simple solutions.

Engineers perspective: Learn from past mistakes, use your scars to triumph over on-going battle of winning hearts, mind, and market share. Streamline the message and communicate effectively.

Be lean & mean. Practitioners perspective of the power of one! Be the brand ambassadors of innovation & excellence!

Stop Talking About Your Product First: Douglas Burdett, Founder/Principal, ARTILLERY & Host of The Marketing Book Podcast

Engineers don’t care about your product until you show that you care about their problem first. Talk will explain why that is, and why the opposite approach can be so powerful.

Learning Objectives:

  • What non-product topics will attract more website traffic and leads.
  • Why a “product first” approach is such a problem for manufacturers.
  • How to get management and sales to buy in to this approach.

Marketing to Engineers: A Story From the Trenches: Peter Durand, VP of Sales and Marketing, Avid Solutions

There are many tools at our disposal as marketers, but how do they work in the trenches? Our objective is to share ways to capture mind share and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using tools to point you to the right audience.
  • The fastest way to get their attention.
  • Qualifying the opportunity.
  • Cadence to move it to close.
  • When to say “not today…but someday.”

Avid is in the unique position of representing the client first – we look to solve problems vs. selling a product or platform. This changes the mindset from a transaction to a partnership. At the end of the day, clients are looking for solutions, not “things.” Learning how to apply this thought process is critical for any marketing organization.

Persuasion Through Information: What You Need to Know About What Your Customers Want to Know: Chris Eifert, Principal, TriComB2B and Ani Jayanth, Director of Product Marketing for Emerson’s Cold Chain Solutions Group

This presentation shows how purposeful, committed thought leadership marketing can transform industry positioning, create loyal followers, and deliver meaningful business results.

Learning Objectives:

  • The forces driving content marketing and thought leadership as a strategy.
  • A powerful case study from Emerson’s Cold Chain Solutions business.
  • Visibility to real engagement and business outcomes.

Establishing a different relationship with customers through content marketing is hard work. It requires clarity on issues that matter most to customers; a compelling position that establishes your brand as the authority on key issues; and a coalition of willing volunteers who’ll put their time, brains and personal brands on the line to make it work. While many companies have implemented content marketing, concerted efforts that move the needle are hard to find.

This presentation dives into a real program that helped transform the way Emerson Cold Chain Solutions went to market. Their E360 thought leadership platform leverages the vast intellectual capital contained within the company, helping marketing teams shift from dog-eat-dog feature and benefit wars to meaningful discussions about an unprecedented convergence of regulatory and industry pressures. The presentation includes a strategy overview, descriptions of key tactics, and measurable outcomes the program has achieved.

Ani Jayanth, director of product marketing for Emerson’s Cold Chain Solutions Group, will discuss key aspects of Emerson’s E360 thought leadership program and the resultant, measured business impact.

The Latest Marketing to Engineers® Research: Trade Shows/Industry Events and Content Needs, Social Media Usage, and Supplier Relations: Patrick Lynch, Director, Vice President of CFE Technology

Patrick Lynch will speak on the results of CFE Media’s two most recent Marketing to Engineers® studies:

  • Trade Shows and Industry Events
  • Content Needs, Social Media Usage, and Supplier Relations

Lynch will also highlight CFE Media’s new Marketing to Engineers® infographic, as well as unveil the first Marketing to Engineers® eBook.    

To Challenge or Not to Challenge?: Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Research Officer, Corporate Visions

When is it advantageous to challenge your prospects, and when might it be beneficial to throttle back and take a different tack? This session is designed to help you match your message to the moment.

Decision-making science has a lot to teach us about how customer frame value and make choices. Recent research into messaging frameworks provide tested and proven approaches for developing and delivering the most effective stories along the customer buying journey. With that in mind, in what buying situations should you challenge your customer with a disruptive perspective and provocative messaging? And when might you want to throttle back and take a different tack?

Participants will learn how to:

  • Disrupt your prospect’s status quo and distinguish your solutions.
  • Increase renewals and communicate price increases.
  • Expand customers through cross-sell/upsell.

Two Panels of Engineers (Learn more about the panelists)

  • Charli Hon, Lead Engineer, Panacea Technologies Inc. 
  • Nathaniel Kay, Project Manager, MartinCSI
  • Bill Kosik, PE, CEM, LEED AP, BEMP – Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Maria Lupo, LEED AP – Project Manager, Controls Engineer, Senior Associate, Environmental Systems Design Inc. (ESD)
  • Adithi Raghavendra – Program Manager, Electrification (Industrial Sensing), Sensata Technologies
  • Joshua Schubert, PE, LEED AP, GBE, CEM – Director of Energy Engineering, Goby
  • Bill Sellitto, Principal, Vice President of Engineering, MartinCSI
  • Benjamin Skelton, PE, LEED AP, CxA, BEMP, CPMP – President, Cyclone Energy Group
  • John Yoon, PE, LEED AP ID+C – Lead Electrical Engineer, McGuire Engineers Inc.

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