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MediaSolve increases the value exchange between prospects and vendors by utilizing high-value content to position client’s brands and solutions within the complex structure of multi-media.

At MediaSolve brand relevance and value is escalated by developing quality content in leadership categories and then converting education and thought leadership into an engaged audience with qualified leads. Essentially, MediaSolve empowers its clients to take control of its brand, message and programs by leading them through a powerful self-publishing method built around understanding its targets, creating high-value content and continually increasing performance.

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Engineers who receive CFE Media's magazines were recently surveyed about their use of LinkedIn and Facebook. Three principal activities were uncovered:

Posting questions in search for answers

Feedback on ideas/issues

Peer outreach

- Findings from the Control Engineering Social media trends among engineers study, February 2010

When asked about Plant Engineering magazine readership in a recent study, readers said the following:

“Plant Engineering Magazine is a valuable tool that provides very useful information.”

“Because as I've taken on more projects that are varied, I need to know as much information as possible and Plant Engineering is one publication that provides it.”

“I found it is a source for equipment suppliers I am looking for.”

“New technology comes out all the time and it is a good source for keeping up with the times.”

“[The benefit of Plant Engineering is] keeping up with changes in the field. Hearing areas of concern or problems from the users along with potential solutions.”

“The benefit of PE is keeping up to date.”

- Findings from The Power of Plant Engineering Study, February 2010

A recent study for Control Engineering found that 88% of visitors specify, select or approve purchases of at least one product typically advertised in Control Engineering’s print and electronic offerings.
- Grab the Opportunity Study, October 2008

67% of respondents in the Power of the Consulting Engineer study said they visit and advertiser's website as a result of reading or visiting or reading Consulting-Specifying Engineer magazine
- The Power of the Consulting Engineer Study, March 2010