Lunch and Learn Education Events

CFE Media’s Marketing to Engineers® Program provides B2B marketers with the latest research and information on how to market to engineers effectively. We provide insight into topics such as content marketing, inbound marketing strategies, marketing automation, lead nurturing, effective social media campaigns, and search engine optimization.

CFE Media is dedicated to the mission of education for both our subscribers and our marketing partners. One of the ways we implement educational opportunities with our marketing partners is through in-person and online events. The Marketing to Engineers® Lunch and Learn seminar features the latest research and tools for how to run a successful, integrated marketing campaign to your targeted engineering audience. Contact us to schedule your Lunch and Learn today. 

Lunch and Learn: Who should attend

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director of Marketing Communications
  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager

Lunch and Learn Agenda

Part One: Background & Introduction
• CFE Media, LLC
• Marketing to Engineers®

Part Two: Research Findings & Analysis Value of Content Marketing
• Value of Content Sources
• Value of Content Types
• Value of Social Media

Search Engine Behavior and Content Consumption
• Pages Viewed per Search
• Preferred Search Engines
• Content Consumption

Frequency Inbound Marketing & Newsletter Focus
• Number of Newsletter Subscriptions
• What are the Successful Newsletter Elements?
• How to Improve Newsletters Registration Form & Lead Generation Focus
• What Types of Content will Engineers Register for on a Website?
• What are the Preferred Question Types & Length for Registration Forms?

Webcast & Buyer’s Journey
• Value of Accredited Webcasts to Engineers
• Most Valuable Webcast Components
• What Types of Content do Engineers Need at Different Stages of the Buy/Specifying Cycle?

Website Design Preferences
• Website Usage Frequency
• Website Navigation and Layout Design Preferences
• How Engineers Would Increase the Value of Websites?

Content Consumption & Data Privacy
• Content Usage by Age Group
• Mobile Device Behavior
• Total Pieces of Content Consumed per Month
• Email Frequency & Time of Day Preferences

Part Three: ContentStream®: Content Marketing Software Platform Demo
• How to Fill Up your Website with Content?
• How to Send More Newsletters to your Audience?
• How to Capture More Leads on your Website?
• How to Generate More Social Media Followers?