Lunch and Learn Education Events

CFE Media’s Marketing to Engineers® Program provides B2B marketers with the latest research and information on how to market to engineers effectively. With research from more than 6,500 engineers over seven different research studies, CFE Media is the foremost expert on the marketing preferences for specifying, industrial, & automation engineers.

CFE Media is dedicated to the mission of education for both our subscribers and for our marketing partners who are tasked with trying to market to engineers on a daily basis. One of the ways CFE Media helps educate our marketing partners is by hosting Marketing to Engineers® Lunch & Learn seminars in-person at a company’s office location.

During these in-person Lunch & Learn events, CFE Media will present the latest research into topics such as content marketing, buyer’s journey content needs, inbound marketing strategies, marketing automation optimization, lead nurturing tactics, effective social media campaigns, and search engine optimization.

Marketing to Engineers® Research Topics

I. Value of Content

a. Most Valuable Content Types
b. Most Valuable Content Sources
c. Value of Content Marketing

II. Content Consumption Habits

a. Search Engine Usage Behavior
b. Total Content Items Consumed
c. Total Emails Received Per Day
d. Preferred Time of Day for Communication
e. Content Consumption Patterns vs. Two years Ago

III. Social Media

a. Social Media Channel Preferences
b. Social Media Content Preferences

IV. eNewsletter

a. eNewsletter Format Preferences
b. eNewsletter Content Preferences
c. How to Improve eNewsletters (verbatim)

V. Buyers Journey

a. Content Needs Along the Buyers Journey
b. Content Needs by Buyers Stage
c. Average Length of Time Needed for Product Research
d. Percentage of Buying Process Complete Before Speaking with Supplier
e. Top Reasons Why They Engage a Supplier

VI. Webcast

a. Webcast Attendee Behavior
b. Webcast Design Preferences
c. Webcast Price Tolerance

VII. Data Privacy

a. Ad blockers
b. Privacy Violations
c. Mobile Device Usage

VIII. Advertisement Preferences

a. Actions Taken After Seeing Advertisements (by Ad Type)
b. Most Successful Advertising Tactics
c. Most Successful Advertising Formats

IX. Lead Generation by Content Type

a. Registration Form Behavior by Content Type
b. Most Common Contact Fields for Registration Forms

X. What Annoys Engineers (open ended)

To find out more information about the Marketing to Engineers® Lunch & Learn seminar and schedule a time to host an event at your company’s office, please contact Patrick Lynch, Director of CFE Technology & Marketing to Engineers, Email:, Cell Phone: 847-452-1191