ContentStream: Patent-Pending Content Marketing Technology

Today’s business to business consumers rely on a series of information sources including publications, vendors, industry experts and peers to guide their decision making process. According to Content Marketing Institute's 2013 Benchmark Study on Content Marketing, the top two challenges that B2B marketers face in 2013 are producing enough content and producing the kind of content that engages. Effective marketing programs must position your company as a thought leader in your market when comes to the content marketing approach, and the best way of doing this is to offer an ongoing stream of useful and unique content that educates and informs. ContentStream™ is a service uniquely designed to help you make this transition fast, easy and effective. 

ContentStream™ delivers professionally developed, third-party content

ContentStream™ is a subscription service that delivers complete, topic focused, professionally developed content to you for use in your electronics communications programs. As consumers gather information from a variety of sources, ContentStream™ ensures that your company’s website and newsletters are viewed as a trusted source of information.

With ContentStream™, customers and prospects will visit your site because the information you offer helps educate and inform them. Better yet, they’ll return to your site over and over again because the material you offer is constantly refreshed – something customers and search engines find absolutely vital. Click Here to watch a 4-minute video that demonstrates how ContentStream™ works and what types of SEO benefits you can expect.

Using ContentStream as the foundation of your Content Marketing strategy helps you address today’s toughest marketing challenges

  • Delivering targeted messages to customers and prospects with fewer resources and more media types
  • Building mind share among target audience through high value content that drives web traffic
  • Addressing the cost of “Feeding the content machine” by creating a constant flow of high value, unique content

For a demonstration of how ContentStream™ can help you implement an effective content marketing strategy, please contact:

  • Patrick Lynch
  • Project Manager and Sales Executive
  • (Work) 630-571-4070 x2210 
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